How To Stimulate Pure Collagen Protein Growth Naturally Without Painful Injections

The Collagen Protein Connection

Many people ask what is the connection between collagen and protein, and how can they stimulate pure collagen growth naturally. Collagen is the protein in skin that gives skin its elasticity. If you are interested in stimulating pure collagen naturally there are several ways to accomplish it.

Stimulating Collagen Growth For Wrinkle Reduction

One way to stimulate collagen growth is to inject it directly under the skin. Besides being painful the results don’t last very long and you have to keep repeating the process which is expensive. The most effective way to stimulate collagen growth is to feed your skin with the nutrients it needs. This is easier said than done.

Why Most Skincare Products Are Ineffective At Stimulating Collagen Growth

Most skincare products are hardly effective or not effective at all for stimulating the growth of collagen for several reasons. First, they don’t contain the correct percentage of active ingredients to do any good. To be effective you want to see the right ingredients in concentrations of at least 50%.

Second, most skincare products contain harmful chemicals that interfere with the beneficial ingredients and could end up doing more harm than good.

Third, even with the right ingredients and absence of harmful chemicals you need a method of delivery so the beneficial nutrients can reach deep into the skin to stimulate collagen protein.

The Ingredients And Delivery System

A few of the natural ingredients that are known to stimulate collagen protein include: Active Manuka Honey from New Zealand, a new natural ingredient called Functional Keratin which comes from the wool of New Zealand Sheep. Functional Keratin may be found under the name Cynergy TK which is its trademark name.

The other important ingredient which is also a delivery system is Nanobelle CoEnzymeQ10 which is a unique patented form of CoEnzymeQ10. This form of CoQ10 has the ability to penetrate down through 7 layers of skin and combined with the other ingredients mentioned can produce dramatic anti wrinkle results. Clinical studies have proven the results of these ingredients and their ability to stimulate collagen protein naturally in the body.

Where To Find Skincare Products With These Ingredients

Finding these ingredients in the right concentrations with no harmful chemicals used to be is a little bit of a chore. However, they can now be found in skincare products coming from New Zealand. There are several companies that make skincare products using the ingredients mentioned with other all natural ingredients that are getting outstanding results. In fact, one such company is a well kept secret of some Hollywood stars. The can be located with a search on the Internet and is the only place they sell their products.

If you are serious about stimulating pure collagen protein naturally and want great looking skin the effort to locate these companies are well worth the effort.

A Face Cream Should Contain Functional Keratin

Ever wonder what type of ingredients are in a face cream? Ingredients to help your skin become softer, smoother and younger-looking?

Now-a-days, you would think the skin care industry has cleaned up their act and done away with using harmful chemicals. But, in reality, they continue to use ineffective, nasty ingredients which may cause questionable side-effects. Yikes, makes you wonder what sort of ingredients are in their so-called best face cream product.

Even though there is still debate on just how harmful certain ingredients actually are, read the labels and educate yourself (as much as possible) on all aspects of an ingredient.

In your early years, you never thought about two proteins called collagen and elastin. The proteins which provide the foundation for skin. The proteins which keep skin supple and hydrated, smooth and unwrinkled.

But, when you’re into your mid 30’s and beyond, collagen and elastin are below their youthful levels. Your skin begins to sag, thin and develop fine lines.

Not to worry, if you have dehydrated, sagging and wrinkled skin there is hope. In fact, a quality natural face cream not only deals with the signs of aging, but also contains natural ingredients safe to use on your skin.

You must be careful though when selecting a product. Many de-aging creams can irritate skin due to their synthetic substances.

However, products containing functional keratin are natural and safe. In addition, they can enhance the health of your skin and regain its youthful glow! How does it work? Because keratin protein is found throughout the body, the ability to convert natural keratin into a functional form will increase your production of collagen and elastin…resulting in smoothing of fine lines and rejuvenating your skin.

Make no mistake about it. Functional keratin is found in other quality skin care products not just a face cream. All products are safe, healthy, effective and from a high quality skin care company located in New Zealand. A company committed to using only natural ingredients like the one mentioned in this article.

Visit my website today for more information so you will to be able to make an educated decision on what to look for in the best face cream.

Rosacea Skincare Remedies

You all would be disheartened to read that rosacea is a relentless, constant and serious skin ailment that can have physical as well as emotional effects on the sufferer. Moreover the inadequacy of rosacea treatments makes the situation even worse.

Rosacea causes red patches over the cheeks and nose area. In initial stages, rosacea may appear as unbalanced blushing of skin part but with time, it becomes harsher. Skin may get affected by rashes, blemishes, enlarged pores along with easily visible surfaced capillaries.

You would be sad to know that the major cause for rosacea is still not known. Some studies have confirmed that demodex folliculorum; microbe which lives beneath the skin is responsible for causing rosacea ailment. Other studies have revealed that rosacea is a widespread vascular inflammatory ailment which occurs due to hereditary reasons, inflammatory factors, environmental causes and vascular problems etc.

It is true that professional skin care treatment is required to cure rosacea properly but healthy and effective skin care routine also play an important role in alleviating the symptoms of rosacea. Make use of mild, gentle cleanser that is non-drying in nature to cleanse your skin on every day basis. Try to go for water soluble cleanser to get rid of rosacea as it is free from any harmful effects! A cleanser should not leave the skin dry and should be rich in antioxidants to fight against free radicals.

Stay away from irritating products otherwise they can add to sensitizing reactions on skin. Avoid using anything having harsh chemicals to protect skin from inflammation and break-outs. go for fragrance free and irritant free skin care products. Avoid usage of topical scrubs, home made facials and products that have alcohol in them.

You would be surprised to know that people suffering from rosacea are highly prone to sun damage. Therefore one should wear good quality sunscreen having SPF 15 or higher to protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays of sun.

Go for good quality moisturizer that is high in antioxidants to treat rosacea naturally.

Diet too plays an effective role in treating rosacea naturally. Drink 10-12 glasses of water everyday to get rid of body toxins in an easy and natural way. You can also include natural drinks like buttermilk, coconut water, fresh fruit juices and vegetable juice and soups in your diet to get rid of rosacea naturally.

Skin Whitening Creams Can Cause Skin Cancer And Liver Damage.

Do you unequivocally value your complexion? Is there a flaw you would change in your appearance? One of the adjectives used to describe ideal skin is ‘baby fresh’ but we all understand the the more we age, the farther away it seems, it’s one of the side effects of aging.
Environmental influences like the sun or oral contraceptives can play a huge part in your gloominess when looking in the mirror. The natural environment can torment your skin but it has now also provide you the answer to all your problems.
What is Melasma? Melasma is a common skin condition characterized by dark, irregular marks on the cheeks, nose, and forehead. People abiding in locations with excessive sun exposure are more vulnerable to melasma. Recent studies have shown that birth control pills and DNA can play minor roles as well in their appearance.
While the formation of melasma is nothing to get too nervous about, some of the treatment techniques out there are flat out risky. It’s astounding to consider the fact that the cure can be more hazardous than the affliction.
Even Complexion People crave an even complexion. Spots of blotchy skin can make anyone feel awkward but the lengths people will go to in order to even up their complexion can be lethal.
Get Rid of Melasma The most common manner in which to get rid of melasma patches is to apply skin whitening or skin bleaching creams. What do you truly know about these creams? Many people with skin discolorations see the words ‘melasma treatment cream’ on the label and copiously bathe their skin in a cream they don’t know anything about.
What if I informed you that you could get cancer or liver damage by topically applying that melasma treatment cream? Skin bleaching creams have a large following of people. Sections of our culture feels that fresh, lily white skin is the epitome of beauty. No one can deny the characterization of light vs. dark skinned individuals in movies or history for that matter.
Skin Whitening Are people really ready to wager their lives in order to change their skin or repair sun damage that has changed their complexion?
Skin bleaching treatment creams usually contain two chemicals by the names of Hydroquinone and Mercury. Hydroquinone is an extremely noxious chemical. Its cardinal use is in the development of film and the dying of hair, not bleaching skin.
Mercury is one of the most dangerous materials on the planet. In case you don’t remember, Mercury is the liquid inside thermometers. What these two dangerous ingredients do in the framework of skin bleaching is restrict the creation of melanin. When someone suppresses the production of melanin, the basal layer of skin will appear clean and unblemished.
Melasma Prevention This appears like a quick and painless procedure but the reality is that these elements do a lot in internal damage. When someone goes to the beach or plays golf after using the skin bleaching ingredients, the UV rays emitted by the sun will react with the substances and lead to increased pigmentation changes and the early onset of wrinkles. With the increased pigmentation changes, people become a little anxious and apply more cream, it turns into a never ending cycle.
Melanin plays a large role in the body’s innate protection against sun damage. When production of melanin is suppressed, the chances of developing cancer increase. Mercury, when consumed by the skin, never entirely leaves the body. Long term application of Mercury will lead to liver damage and sometimes kidney failure. Are those melasma patches really disturbing you so much that you are willing to risk your health to heal them?
Natural Melasma Removal There is a technique to get rid of melasma without the risk of dangerous health implications. Helix Aspersa Muller Glycoconjugates is a natural skin care ingredient that deeply penetrate the skin and energize the normal renewal capabilities of the skin. The glycoconjugates are collected from a live creature.
Skin renewal activators possessed in the compound break down dead cells while simultaneously telling the body to foster new collagen and elastin cells, rejuvenating the skin from the inside out. Liposomes in the serum penetrate deep into cells and continue to supply biological molecules to the cells for up to 12 hours.
After intense sun exposure, it is important to saturate and replenish the lipid barrier of the skin. Melasma and other sun damaged areas need to be healed naturally from the inside by ordering cellular communication and diffusing the melanin patches.
Antioxidants present in Helix Aspersa Muller Glycoconjugates will help impede free radicals from generating. Antioxidants are molecules which interact with free radicals and cancel the dangerous chain reaction before molecules are hurt. Natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents limit oxidative damage after tissue injury.
Cell mutations caused by free radicals can lead to headaches such as molecular issues and even cancer. Degrading their progression saves healthy cells and cleans up damage inflicted by their presence.
We obviously couldn’t survive without the sun but simultaneously the sun can injure us. Melasma patches can develop because of excessive sun damage and dangerous UV rays.
Don’t do more damage to your body using a skin whitening cream that contains dangerous elements. Cancer and liver damage can be the result if you slop your skin with Hydroquinone and Mercury. Use a natural skin care ingredient collected from a land snail to effectively give yourself that clear and even complexion you so badly desire.

Winter Face Essentials And Skin Care In Winter

There is no denial about the certainties in life: death and taxes. But who say that your skin have to suffer because itÂ’s cold outside? In the summer, the air is humid, and the driest of skin gets moisture from the air so you donÂ’t hear the usual complaints about skin feeling dry. But in the winter, humidity is gone and so is the moisture. Your face cries out for moisture because it takes a beating from the dry winter air, and from the indoor heat. This is especially true if you have dry skin. You may say what am I suppose to do then? Since you asked the question, a good skin care regimen designed for your skin type is the first step to winterizing your skin.

Since many of us donÂ’t have the luxury of migrating to a hot tropical island to enjoy that refreshing humid air, here are some things you can do to protect your skin even in the coldest of winter.
Start with a good soap-free cleanser that is non-drying and will protect your skin from moisture loss during cleansing. What skin needs is hydration and using anything like soap can be harsh on the skin. If your skin is dry, then go for a formula with natural oils to keep skin’s protective barrier intact. We recommend our Moisture Protecting Cleansing Lotion because it’s rich in Kukui Nut and Jojoba oils. When washed off, skin is left feeling comfortable – never tight or dry. If you’re dry and sensitive, then go for the Ultra Gentle Cleansing Lotion formulated for sensitive skin to gently clean without irritation. If your skin is oily or you’re prone to acne, go with an oil-dissolving formula with tea tree oil to clean deep down so blemishes do not become a problem. Pore Clearing Cleanser is excellent for oily, acne-prone skin. It does not contain the typical ingredients found in other products such as alcohol, sulfates or chemical oil-blotters that can irritate skin. If you have normal to oily sensitive skin, then plant-derived Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel will leave your skin feel beautifully clean and comfortable.

The role toners play in winterizing your skin is to complete the cleansing process and restore the complexion while preparing your skin for moisturizing. Choosing the right one for your skin type should be based on its function as well as its essential benefit. Pore-Purifying Astringent for acne-prone skin has purifying essential oils to help ease signs of oiliness and to keep skin clear and healthy-looking. Oil Neutralizing Astringent contains sulphur, bacteria-fighting Eucalyptus and Lavender to help ease breakouts. Visibly Moist Toner contains refreshing Herbal Extracts and Panthenol to capture and hold moisture where itÂ’s needed most.

Whether itÂ’s winter, spring or fall, the benefit of incorporating a masque into your skin care regime to unclog pores if youÂ’re oily or to restore skinÂ’s healthy vitality if youÂ’re dry will nourish and refresh your skin regardless of what type of skin you have. Camphor Pore Purifying Masque is formulated with camphor and sulphur to tone and purify oily, acneic skin. Silk Amino Moisture Masque is an incredible masque designed to replenish oils and hydrate normal to dry skin. This masque is formulated with vitamins A, E and C and can be used as a hand masque to restore moisture to dry, chapped hands.

Twice weekly, whisk away dead surface cells and pore-clogging impurities from your skin to uncover fresh new skin. When you exfoliate, your skin can receive the full benefit from the products you used. Exfoliating your skin reveals a more perfect, younger, vibrant-looking skin.Our Foaming Facial Refiner, formulated for normal to oily skin is a sulfate-free formula with micro-beads of soy, jojoba and rice bran wax to quickly smooth rough skin. The Ultimate Scrub, formulated for dry skin contains micro-grains to buff away fine lines to diminish the appearance of coarse or enlarged pores.

Moisturizing your skin is the key to keeping it soft and supple in the cold winter months. Change is a necessary part of life and that means changing your skin care regime as well. Our skin can dry out from low outside temperatures and inside heat which can lead to dry, cracked ashy looking skin. Even if you have oily skin, it’s important to moisturize. Our Oil-Free Hydrating Fluid is a great lightweight lotion moisturizer if you have normal to oily skin. This lotion moisturizer reprograms skin to hold more moisture and will not clog your pores. Moisture Replenishing Crème with hydrating ingredients such as Vitamins E, A and stabilized C is suitable for normal to dry skin and will revive skin’s own moisture-holding capacity to form a reservoir of moisture that lasts up to 20 hours. If you have very dry skin, then a creamy moisturizer such as Continuous Moisture Cream will reprogram your skin to act like young, moist, comfortable skin. You’ll find that your skin will look healthy, and surface lines caused by dehydration will seem to disappear. The part of the face that we tend to neglect is the eye area, and needs extra protection as well in the harsh winter months. Firming Peptide Eye Crème regenerates the eye area by reducing the appearance of sagging fine lines and wrinkles. It keeps the delicate eye area soft, smooth and moist feeling. After applying your moisturizer, wait at least one minute before applying your makeup.

Dry, chapped lips are not pretty, nor does it feel comfortable. A simple smile can be painful due to cracks and cold sores. By using our Vitamin C Lip Treatment to nourish and protect lips daily, you alleviate having to deal with chapped, dry lips. Both men and women can apply Vitamin C Lip Treatment regularly to keep their lips protected from the dry cold air. I then slick on our sheer, tinted Super Lip Balm SPF 15 with extra emollients, combining moisturizing and protection to keep my lips looking young and healthy.

Circumcised Men Must Protect Against Loss Of Penis Sensation

According to a report in the New York Times, circumcision rates among males in North America has been declining since 2005. This is due to recent medical research that has indicated that there are few real benefits to removal of the foreskin. However, nearly half of all male babies are still circumcised at birth, whether for cultural or cosmetic reasons. This circumstance has lead to concerns about long-term side effects, especially loss of penis sensation.

The foreskin, which covers the glans, or head of the penis, is full of nerve endings, which are lost when this sheath of skin is surgically removed. The exposed glans is then subject to constant exposure, and maintaining the natural moisture and sensitivity of the delicate skin in this area requires extra care. Treating the head and shaft with penis-specific vitamins and minerals may help to minimize the negative effects of circumcision.

How circumcision affects penis sensitivity

Removal of the foreskin can significantly affect penis sensation. As the highly sensitive skin of the glans is exposed and left without its natural protection, it loses its moisture, and the skin may become dry and take on a wrinkled or shriveled appearance. In addition, the skin is now subject to constant friction from rough clothing, as well as environmental contaminants. All of this contributes to the outer layers of skin becoming thickened and less receptive to stimulation, leading to lost penis sensation.

Men who are considering circumcision, whether for health reasons, cosmetic preference or hygiene purposes, should consult with a knowledgeable men’s health specialist and inquire about all the possible side effects, as these may contribute to long-term issues that can affect sexual health.

Tips to help prevent loss of sensation and restore penis sensitivity

Fortunately, with the proper care, it is possible to help prevent the sensation-related side effects of circumcision. By following these suggestions, men who were circumcised early in life may even be able to restore penis sensitivity to a degree, making sex more enjoyable and contributing to a healthy, supple and smooth penis.

1. Wear loose-fitting underwear and clothing made from natural fabrics that will not bind, chafe or cause excessive perspiration.

2. Use all-natural cleansers when bathing and avoid soaps and laundry detergents that contain chemicals which may cause drying and irritation.

3. Use a personal lubricant during masturbation or sex to prevent excessive dry rubbing or chafing, which can promote the formation of callous-like skin and lead to reduced penis sensation.

4. Treat the penis on a daily basis with a nutrient formula designed to promote skin and nerve health, and be sure to include a high-quality natural skin moisturizer (shea butter works best, as it is generally suitable for all skin types) in the penis care regimen.

5. Try different positions during sex, rather than following the same routine every time. Experimenting with various angles can stimulate different areas of the penis skin, which can lead to an enhanced sensual experience.

Effective skin care products for promoting penis sensitivity

In order to maintain healthy penis skin and promote optimum nerve function, men of all ages should treat the penis with a nutrient preparation designed to support erogenous tissue health. A specially designed penis health formula (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) containing vitamins such as A, B5, C, D, and E, as well as natural moisturizers and antioxidants, may help to restore lost penis sensation, prevent penis sensation loss, and protect the skin of the penis against irritation, infection and environmental damage that may affect penis health. Men who include vitamin treatments in their daily self-care regimen may find that masturbation and sex become more pleasurable and enjoy a deeper sensual experience.

20-year-old Girl’s Skin-care Tips

First, the skin characteristics of ABC
Skin is the body’s largest organ, the total weight is about 16% of body weight, adult skin surface area of about 1.5 square meters.Skin consists of epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue of three parts, the thickness of the skin under the age varies parts, not including the subcutaneous tissue, about 0.5-4 mm.Eyelid, vulva, breasts, facial skin is thinner, hand, foot the thickest skin.
Mainly by the epidermal keratinocytes and dendritic cells, is divided into five layers from the outside, the outermost layer of keratinocytes is completely keratinized, dehydration, has a protective effect, called the cuticle.The deepest phase cells were cylindrical and dermis, called the basal layer, keratinocytes can produce new cells, the cells are constantly goes up and eventually fall off, this cycle about 28 days.Between the basal layer melanocytes, melanin can protect the organization from the deep ultraviolet radiation damage.Below the epidermis is the dermis, subcutaneous tissue, there have fibers, cells, connective tissue, adipose tissue, blood vessels, nerves, skin appendages, etc., provide nutrition for the skin.The skin has a certain toughness and elastic, moisturizing, buffering stress.
Because the skin has these characteristics, so it has protection, absorb nutrients, regulating body temperature, secretion and excretion, feeling, beauty, metabolism and immune system.
Second, how to maintain skin
Skin as the body of an organ, part of the body to maintain good skin, first of all pay attention to the maintenance of overall health:
(1) to maintain a happy and cheerful thoughts, to prevent aging of the skin has a very important role, people inside and outside the living environment in harmony and unity achieved.
(2) adequate intake and essential nutrients, diet should be diversified to avoid the kind of food, should eat some protein, vitamins, minerals-rich foods.
(3) should ensure that adequate sleep, skin and breathing of the time update in the 10 pm to 2 am or so, so avoid staying up late, is very important for skin health.
(4) adhere to regular exercise, enhance physical fitness.
Second, we must pay attention the health of local skin care:
‘ skin clean: clean facial cream or facial cleanser to remove dirt, will face cream applied to the forehead, nose, cheeks, chin and neck at, at your fingertips up in various parts of the face massage, facial oil dissolved,and then use warm water (water temperature below 35 ) from outside to inside, from the bottom face and neck flushing, usually 1-2 times a day.
For the whole body skin clean, location, varies depending on the season, usually 1-2 times a week can be better to use soft water cleaning, rub lotion after bathing to keep skin moist.
‘ According to the different types of skin care.We must first learn to judge the nature of their skin, the method is simple, the evening will be cleaned face, do not apply any fat cream, the next morning with a clean, gently wipe both sides of tissues in the nose, if full of paper towels absorb oil, it is oily skin, if a little greasy, but not too much, it is normal skin, if virtually no fat, are the dry skin.
Strong secretion of sebum oily skin, large pores, acne prone, but strong stimulation of tolerance, a day at least 2 times with warm water washing, followed by topical Lotion, topical creams, such as cold cream.
Dry skin dry, less sebum, the skin white, easy wrinkling, intolerance stimulation, wash with warm water 1-2 times a day, do not use soap, the general agent to protect the skin with fat.
Normal skin, between the between the two, usually used emulsion skin care.
Sensitive Skin: The skin meager cheeks in the capillary expansion, lack of luster, easy to allergies.Application of such soft skin clean, avoid excessive scrubbing with a towel, avoid using perfume, skin care products available children.
Combination skin: nose, paranasal, for oily forehead, cheek to dry, care when both.
Third, the skin care precautions in accordance with the nature of their skin care routine, it should also pay attention to:
* Avoid cold and wind stimulation, especially in the winter and spring, so the skin becomes dry and rough.
* Sunlight or ultraviolet radiation, is one of the main factors of skin aging, excessive sun exposure can cause skin wrinkling, relaxation, aging, pigmentation, telangiectasia, photosensitivity dermatitis, skin cancer and other diseases.People should avoid from 11 am to 3:00 exposure to sunlight, they went out with a hat or umbrella, sunscreen outside.For facial freckles, telangiectasia, skin pores and other issues photorejuvenation equipment available for treatment.
* Avoid eating spicy, stimulating food and drink, especially alcohol and smoking, smoking will prevent the skin’s metabolism, accelerating skin aging.
* Avoid prolonged heavy makeup and makeup are not royal sleep, so that is not conducive to the skin to breathe.
* Do not turn your faces as the “experimental field” and avoid the skin at the same time series with different kinds of cosmetics, skin prone to allergies and other adverse reactions.In short, skin care should pay attention to the health of the body, local skin care and proper use of skin care products and other issues.Once the skin problem should be to the regular hospital treatment specialist, not your casual drug use leading to exacerbations or adverse effects.Wishing you a beautiful permanent, eternal youth!
1. The mashed banana, add milk, applied to the face.Wash after 20 minutes, you can make your skin smooth and delicate.
2. Stir the honey and egg white in the face after the coating can make the skin smooth and reduce wrinkles.
3. The turmeric powder and milk mixture coated on the face to remove sunburn and reduce the hair on his face.
4.Cereal, cheese and tomato juice Stir painted face, 20 minutes and then cold water wash to help restore sun-darkened skin, shiny skin.
5.The Health and potato chips attached to the face can reduce the color of freckles and scars.
6.Cucumber juice is great Lifting of water.The cucumber sauce evenly coated on the face can tighten pores.After 15 minutes, washed with water.
7.Rhubarb and lime juice can also help restore the skin tan.Lime juice is natural bleach.
8.Honey can make the skin smooth and shiny, and reduce wrinkles.
9.Citrus fruit juices are a good choice to deal with oily skin.
10.Ice friction with the skin can tighten pores and promote blood circulation.

Coconut Oil And Skin Care

Most of us are already familiar with the health benefits of coconut oil especially when it comes to cholesterol levels, weight loss, immunity and even heart disease. For that reason, this article will not focus on benefits of coconut oil inside the body. Instead, we will talk about the health benefits of this oil on the skin, how it works and a couple of tips that have proven to be very effective in achieving flawless skin.

So, how does coconut oil work and why is it a better replacement to other cosmetic products? In order to fully understand this we need to study how basic creams and lotions work. For starters, most creams and lotions are mainly comprised of water. When they are applied onto dry skin their moisture is quickly absorbed and enters the skin causing the tissues to expand. This causes the wrinkles to fade and skin actually feels smoother. Besides water, most creams and lotions always contain highly refined oils that lack natural protective antioxidants. These antioxidants are very important especially when it comes to keeping skin smooth and healthy.

How do antioxidants work? The skin is comprised of connective tissue that gives it elasticity. The younger we are the smoother and more elastic our skin is. This is largely because the connective fibers in our skin are strong. As we continue to age, the fibers are continually subjected to attacks by free radicals which inadvertently break them down. This causes skin to sag. This is where coconut oil comes in. Coconut oil contains antioxidants that help in combating free radicals that attack the connective fibers in the skin since it has not been stripped of any of its natural components via refining.

Now that we know how coconut oil helps to keep skin smooth and healthy, what are some of the tips that we should follow to ensure we acquire smooth and flawless skin?

The first and probably the most important tip when it comes to coconut oil application is never use coconut oil that has been refined since it has lost all its antioxidants that are very useful in fighting free radicals in the body. A very good example of unrefined coconut oil is the virgin coconut oil.

Secondly, when it comes to the application, ensure that you rub just a small amount of coconut oil on your elbow to test for any allergic reactions. Coconut oil is hypoallergenic – which means it has a low allergy risk. If after 24 hours nothing has happened, then you can use the oil knowing that coconut oil is friendly to your skin.

The last tip that should not be taken lightly is that coconut oil contains very powerful anti-toxin and anti-microbial properties that purge out toxins that have accumulated under the skin. Once you start using coconut oil, there is a possibility that this detoxifying process may trigger a break out on your skin. When this happens, do not stop using the coconut oil since this is all part of how it works to heal the skin. If you can manage to persevere through this daunting and challenging phase then you will be rewarded with the skin tone that you have been yearning for.

Feel Young By Applying Colostrum

Colostrum is the yellow or creamy colored fluid secreted for the first day or two after parturition. The best natural colostrum collected from the single first milking within 0-6 hours after birth maintains nature’s perfect balance of immunological and body regulating biologically active proteins. Human and bovine colostrum are thick, sticky and yellowish.
Colostrum is the nature’s first food for mammals that contains high levels of immunoglobulin, the self-defense mechanism by which the body fights infection, as well as valuable growth factors that signal growth, repair and regeneration of tissue. It is therefore a rich source of beneficial components, immunological factors, anti-inflammatory factors, gastrointestinal health factors, growth factors, and antioxidant and anti-aging factors.
In humans it has high concentrations of nutrients and antibodies that are small in quantity. The best natural colostrum is rich in carbohydrates, protein and antibodies but low in fat as younger ones can’t able to digest fat. Newborn have very small digestive system, therefore, the colostrums delivers its nutrients in a very concentrated low volume form. It carries a mild laxative effect. Human milk contains special components, called growth modulators, which help the premature baby digestive system to adjust according to oral feedings.

With the patented technology, colostrum can enhance an individual to lose memory and to burn calories effectively. The best natural colostrum gives a healthy and youthful skin that contains antioxidants and the precursors to glutathione which is considered as the most powerful antioxidant known that helps in removing up these pollutants from the body and reverse the damage they do to the body. The natural skin care cream containing bovine colostrum is said to deliver rich moisture and increases firmness and elasticity. Also it helps in preventing skin from dryness and reduces free radical damage and fight from wrinkles. Especially under eye area which is more prone to ageing line can be treated by bovine first milk so that it softens the under eye skin. The natural ingredients in the supplements will help heal the wounds of psoriasis and helps in preventing future outbreaks.

According to the makers, the bovine colostrum is very close in structure to what humans have and for this reason only it is accepted by the human body without any issue. It also contains two different types of proteins that make it harder to be destroyed by gastric juices before it is absorbed by the intestinal tract. This colostrum is a rich source of Vitamin A and Vitamin D which are good for skin, nail and hair health.

Colostrum supplies growth factor that is hormones as well as stimulating the endocrine system to keep producing its own supply of hormones. Research strongly indicates that the combination of growth and immune factors in colostrum works together to create a potent anti-aging effect, including tightness of skin, and regrowth of cells and tissues of organs that normally decrease in size with age.
Daily supplementation on Bovine Colostrum allows the body to have improved resilience against any kind of stress. Overall health and well being is accomplished when the body has all of the necessary factors that it needs for defense, healing and repair.

The Lines In My Forehead – What’s The Best Way To Remove The Lines In My Forehead Naturally?

How do I remove the lines in my forehead without Botox or surgery is a question I am asked more and more these days and there is a really effective solution. It is just a matter of finding the right natural ingredients to use for excellent and long lasting results.

Botox or surgery is an effective solution but painful, expensive and only temporary, commonly having to be performed every six months. I also feel people tend to look too pulled and unnatural after this so a natural solution is the best choice.

Unfortunately, most of the skin care to get rid of forehead lines out there is ineffective as you may have found, and just contains so many harmful additives that can actually age your skin over time like parabens and mineral oil.

When you ask how can I get rid of the lines in my forehead effectively, I suggest looking away from the mainstream forehead wrinkle creams and lotions and to the lesser known companies to provide you with exceptional results.

One of the very best is called Cynergy TK, an extract from sheep’s wool.
This is a breakthrough in skin care as it stimulates your body to produce more collagen and elastin, the proteins responsible for younger looking skin, helping to remove forehead lines and wrinkles and importantly, stop them from returning.

It prevents them from returning through its powerful antioxidants which fight the free radicals which damage healthy skin and lead to disease and premature aging. This help you maintain healthy skin and also boosts your immune system too.

Another great one is Babassu wax from the Amazon rainforest which gently moisturizes, softens and soothes your skin and is great for both oily and dry complexions. It forms an invisible barrier to keep out everyday dirt and grime while locking in the moisture.

Others to look out for include Phytessence wakame, natural vitamin E and natural oils like Grapeseed and Avocado. All these can combine to not only remove those forehead lines and wrinkles but improve your overall health too.

So next time you ask yourself how do I get rid of the lines in my forehead, you will know the most effective and natural ingredients to use to give you exceptional results that last.

Visit my site today to learn more about these amazing natural substances and why I choose to use them daily.

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